Needs, Perspectives and Defences

A key part of unlocking confidence is about getting a better insight into what makes you tick, that is what pushes you forward and what holds you back.

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Self-Actualization Statements

These statements represent key attitudes and behaviours that lead to self-actualization. There is no score for this exercise, unless you choose to apply one. It’s enough to consider which ones are like you and which are not like you. Tick the ones that apply and put a cross by those that don’t.

___ I can tolerate uncertainty in life.

___ I accept myself for what I am.

___ I accept others for what they are.

___ I value spontaneity in life.

___ I focus on solutions.

___ I have a good sense of humour and like to have fun.

___ I am able to look at life objectively.

___ I express my creativity.

___ I can express myself and resist pressure to conform to the crowd.

___ I show concern and take action on human rights and the well-being of the planet.

___ I appreciate, deeply, basic life experiences.

___ I have established deep satisfying relationships with a few people.

___ I have peak experiences in my life.

___ I appreciate life with childlike wonder.

___ I appreciate life with full absorption and concentration.

___ I enjoy trying new things instead of sticking to safe paths.

___ I am able to listen to my own feelings in evaluating experiences.

___ I don’t feel like I have to follow tradition for tradition’s sake.

___ I take responsibility for my life and work hard.

___ I have identified my defences and have the courage to give them up.

Write out the two separate lists in your journal. If you identify with a statement, what can you do to demonstrate this further in your life? If you don’t identify with a statement, what might you try out as an experiment so that you would identify with it more?

If you have already adopted all of these attitudes and values to some degree, which ones will you select now and set some small positive goals and take action on them? Also, consider which parts of Confidence Karma encourage actions to satisfy the items on the list. If you wish to score the above items, use the 0–10 scale, where 0 equals ‘totally not like me’ and 10 equals ‘totally like me’. Your total score will range between 0 and 200. To convert this to an overall 0–10 scale, divide the total by 20.

Unlock Your Confidence

Dr. Gary Wood

Unlock Your Confidence


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