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Watkins New Titles: February 2020

Another new month is coming up, and we have another exciting group of new titles to share with you! In February we’ll be publishing two brand new Watkins authors – the first is Joe Barnes, who has escaped the system and learnt how best to create an income without working a boring job, and the second is social psychologist, college professor, sex positivity proponent and founder of The Lucid Planet, Dr Kelly Neff.

In addition to Sex Positive and Do the Work You Love, we’re also releasing a beautifully updated version of Fred Hageneder’s The Living Wisdom of Trees, which promises to be the perfect companion to anyone looking to develop deeper understanding of our oldest allies. Finally, Teal Swan’s Blind Spot Oracle Cards will open your eyes to missed insights using the author’s hand-painted sigils, and even comes with 49 temporary tattoos to familiarise yourself with their imagery.

Sex Positive by Dr Kelly Neff
Released 11th February, RRP £14.99

Sex Positive
ISBN 9781786782953

For the first time ever, Dr Kelly Neff offers readers a groundbreaking self help book that fuses scientific sexology research, psychological theorizing, Eastern & Western philosophies, and stories from around the world, all in the context of the world’s massive social and political shifts surrounding sex, love and identity. 

Offering a new take on the psychology of human sexuality, Sex Positive integrates modern day themes such as technology and the use of social media with self-help. This is the book that millennials will turn to in order to rewrite the story of their love lives.

Sex Positive by Dr Kelly Neff (Watkins Publishing)

The Living Wisdom of Trees by Fred Hageneder
Released 11th February, RRP £16.99

The Living Wisdom of Trees
ISBN 9781786783332

The Living Wisdom of Trees is a richly illustrated guide to the cultural significance of 55 trees, from Acacia to Yew, looking in particular at their botanical characteristics; their place in world myth, magic and folklore; their healing properties; and their practical contribution to society. Featuring beautiful hand-drawn evocative illustrations, The Living Wisdom of Trees is for all who seek acquaintance with the fascinating lore and the profound spiritual wisdom of trees.

The Living Wisdom of Trees by Fred Hageneder (Watkins Publishing)

Do the Work You Love by Joe Barnes
Released 11th February, RRP £12.99

Do the Work You Love
ISBN 9781786783141

Aimed at all those who want their work to be fun and fulfilling, and who feel they might have a unique gift or message to share with the world, this is an amazingly effective guide to making money doing what you love. It is the only book to take readers through the whole process of creating an income from a passion, identifying which interest they could monetize, choosing a bespoke path and learning how to become an expert in their chosen field.

Do the Work You Love by Joe Barnes (Watkins Publishing)

The Blind Spot Oracle Cards by Teal Swan
Released 11th February, RRP £30.00

The Blind Spot Oracle Cards
ISBN 9781786783899

What are you not seeing? The Blind Spot Oracle Cards have a simple but incredibly effective purpose: to reveal what you are not aware of relative to the question you are asking. Not being aware of something on our life path is just as dangerous as not seeing something when we’re driving. Our blind spots may hide motives, fears, desires, needs, truths, reasons, habits, patterns… the list goes on. This oracle will make you aware of them, and if you are aware you can take action. This deck also includes 49 temporary tattoos to deepen your connection with the Sigils.

The Blind Spot Oracle Cards by Teal Swan (Watkins Publishing)