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Watkins New Titles: October 2019

We can’t ignore the chill in the air any more – autumn is officially here and it’s the perfect time to embark on a new chapter in your life. With the three new titles Watkins Publishing have coming up for release in October, there should be plenty of enticing directions for you to choose from. Longer evenings (and fewer barbecues) should mean you’ll have that little bit of extra time to yourself this month for renewal, reinvigoration and rest – so sit back, relax and have a read of what next month’s titles have to offer!

Revisit history and add Sun Tzu’s legendary military efficiency to your personal development toolkit with the illustrated The Ultimate Art of War, learn how to recover from Suffering Guru (now, isn’t that an accolade you’d like under your belt?) William H Arntz in How to Suffer in 10 Easy Steps and get radically authentic with Shayne Traviss as he welcomes you onto the path of Your Vivid Life.

How to Suffer in 10 Easy Steps by William H Arntz
Released 8th October, RRP £14.99

Almost every self-help book seems to be about how to be happy, but what about recognizing and accepting that we suffer? In this, the ultimate guide on how to suffer, you will discover how to go from suffering in silence to suffering in style, showing you how to walk the peaceful pathway from regret to acceptance and embrace.

How to Suffer in 10 Easy Steps by William H Arntz (Watkins Publishing)

Your Vivid Life by Shayne Traviss
Released 8th October, RRP £10.99

This is it. There’s no better time than now.
You’ve heard the whispers – perhaps the screams – of a life trapped somewhere between conditioning and resistance. Shayne Traviss is the founder of vividlife.me, a website where he shares his life experiences to inspire others to live their own vivid lives. In this book, he shares the tools he has developed so that we can eliminate negative conditioning, walk away from distractions and gain the clarity needed to live a clear and authentic life.

Your Vivid Life by Shayne Traviss (Watkins Publishing)

The Ultimate Art of War by Antony Cummins
Released 8th October, RRP £10.99

This ultimate guide to Art of War includes the classic 1910 translation by Lionel Giles and commentary that takes into account all academic interpretations of the text, highlighting differences between modern translations as well as the perspectives of historical Chinese commentators. No other edition compares and contrasts the viewpoints of different contemporary translators, or explains exactly what each section of this often enigmatic text actually means.

The Ultimate Art of War by Antony Cummins (Watkins Publishing)