Numerology: What’s in a Christmas Name?

Written by Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN.

What’s in a name? What’s in a number? A lot according to Numerology. Numbers are cycles, and like day and night, and the seasons, each cycle runs into the next. The numbers 1 to 9 contain infinite possibilities and creative potential. 

Numerology can be easily applied to names. Each letter from the alphabet is transcribed using the alphabet a=1, b=2, c=3, etc…  So the numerological value of for example, Beth, is B(2), E(5), T(2), H(8) = 17; 1+7 = 8. SO Beth’s first name number is 8.

SO how do you access the information numbers contain? One way is to read up about the qualities of each number in a book or magazine. Another way is to use your intuition to connect with numbers and allow them to speak to you – then to describe what you see, feel or comprehend.  It’s easy.

In my latest book, Baby Name Numerology I explore the whole process of how to name a baby, and also how to change your name, and explain what the meaning of adding in letters to your names indicates. I also look at Stage Names and Nicknames.

Lets take a little peek at some specific names according to the Christmas Season to see some of the qualities these name vibrations reveal. If you’d like to work out your own name see the alphabet chart below. Enjoy.



5 9386311 =36/9

Dutiful, caring, and creative. You embrace family life, charity work, ethical products and food. Christmas is a pure delight  – you love traditional social gatherings, and dressing up for the occasion.


3 1 9 6 3 = 22/4

Sensitive, efficient, and realistic. You give of your wisdom and blossom in close relationships. You love the feel of Christmas – all the warmth, love, and goodwill – and welcome the change of routine.


947 = 20/2

Inviting, realistic, and engaging. You love peace and solitude, and enjoy the simple things in life. Christmas brings out sentimentality, your desire for emotional security, and nurturing of the soul.  


9 6 295 = 31/4

Creative, confident and pioneering. You are affectionate, focussed, love facts and social media. You aim to celebrate the real spirit of Christmas, and love cooking, singing carols, and the joy of giving.


3 3 54552955 = 46/10/1

Courageous, romantic and protective. You make the most of every day by grounding ideas, and building upon friendships. Christmas brings you back to your centre (soul), your love of community and service.


9 34 63 7 8 = 40/4

Creative, passionate and conscientious. You love exercise, food, routine, and your home.  Christmas injects passion into your life, and you strengthen your soul through reflection and revaluation.


8 6 33 7 = 27/9

Intuitive, honest, and compassionate. You love the fine things in life, and stand by your commitments. At Christmas you feel and show so much appreciation to all those around you and honour life.


5 65 3 = 19/10/1

Pioneering, humble, visionary. You set the bar high and focus intently on achieving goals. At Christmas you’re spinning with inspiration and your soul rises up with the energy of rebirth and hope.


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1s focussed, ambitious, independent.

2s caring, engaging, decisive.

3s creative, confident, intellectual.

4s loyal, enduring, responsible.

5s communicative, perceptive, magnetic.

6s friendly, caring, perfectionist.

7s productive, patient, honest.

8s charming, assertive, empowering.

9s wise, passionate, understanding.

11s inspiring, cooperative, intuitive.

22s empathetic, receptive, kind.

33s generous, welcoming, available.

Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. is a teacher trainer with The Connaissance School, author of 12 best selling Numerology Books, and Consultant. She writes a Numberscope in Kindred Spirit Magazine. For information on Numerology Courses and Readings visit: FB SoniaDucieNumerology and www.NumerologyWorld.Org

© 2020 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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