Conversation with Matthew Campling , author of The 12-Type Enneagram

Steve Nobel interviews Matthew Campling , author of The 12-Type Enneagram. Follow Watkins Media on SoundCloud and listen to the latest interviews and talks.

Matthew Campling (MA Psych, BA Hons Cllg) is an accredited psychotherapist who has run a private therapy practice for nearly 20 years. He has facilitated workshops around the country. He is the only person qualified to present the 12-Type Enneagram in the UK.

The Enneagram is a system that codifies the very specific manner in which we each think, feel and behave. In this groundbreaking book Matthew Campling reveals the secrets of the 12-Type Enneagram.

On this Podcast:

  • The Enneagram system
  • Difference from other profiling systems such as astrology
  • Essential differences in the 12-type Enneagram over the 9-type
  • The 12 types
  • Enneagram in relation to love and sexual attraction
  • Enneagram in relation to work and purpose