Q&A with Emma Mumford

It’s time for a brand new Q&A! Let us introduce you to the influencer, YouTuber and new Watkins author, Emma Mumford. Her new book Positively Wealthy is available now in ebook format (and in physical format on September 8th!).

Hi Emma! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some of our burning questions. Let’s start with my favourite: what inspired you to write your book Positively Wealthy?

Throughout my life money has always followed me, through my working life and personal life too – money has been a running theme for me. Since stepping into my spiritual shoes and business four and a half years ago now, I’ve been able to manifest getting myself out of £7k worth of debt and create successful six-figure businesses all using the Law of Attraction and spirituality. After writing my first Spiritual Queen back in 2018 I realised that I needed to talk more about my money roots and how we can have a spiritual, grounded and positive relationship with our finances. I also came to realise through a big epiphany in my own life after manifesting everything off my vision board, that I was chasing the wrong version of wealth and what being Positively Wealthy in life truly meant to me. For me, the original Law of Attraction teachings just don’t go deep enough to relate or work fully nowadays, and it was important for me to write a practical book to show you proven ways to manifest sustainable abundance in all areas of your life and how to remove blocks and clear the way for abundance to flow consistently into your life.

How did your work (past or present) influence the book? Can you tell readers a little about that?

So, you may or may not know that I used to be the UK’s Coupon Queen! After a career in banking back in 2012 I developed depression and got left with £7k worth of debt thanks to a not so nice ex-boyfriend. I needed to save money fast and be able to pay the debt collectors fast, now that I was working a part-time job that felt more aligned than putting people in debt like my previous job. I came across Extreme Couponing and loved the concept so much so I gave it a go and within a month my spare room was a complete stock pile like you see on the TV show. After much pestering from my friends I started up a Facebook page called ‘Extreme Couponing and Deals UK’ and it took off from there. Very quickly the press got involved, I used to present a money-saving slot on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ and had over half a million followers who I helped daily to save money and get out of debt. I then went on to have a spiritual awakening (dark night of the soul) in 2016 which lead me to wanting to do this full-time, so I sold my business back in 2018 and for the last three years have been known as the Spiritual Queen. All three of my careers/businesses have influenced this book as I’ve seen people abuse money, I’ve been in debt myself, cleared my debt and manifested financial abundance into my life and have helped my followers and coaching clients do the same whilst clearing their money blocks at the same time.

What about your writing process? Did you write at certain times of day, or in a particular place?

I’m a very intuitive writer so I allow the inspiration to come to me and flow. Spiritual Queen, my first book, I wrote in big chunks and would block out a few hours a week to write over an 8 month period, I also wrote that book before I got my publishing deal so I was winging it. With Positively Wealthy, I committed to writing one chapter/practice a week over 6 months and allowed the Universe to guide me to what needed to be in the book and in what order. It’s amazing to see your book come to life and the ideas flow. I also find writing in either my garden in the sunshine or sat cosied up in my bed is where my creativity and inspiration really flow.

Do you have a favourite chapter or section of the book? Or a specific part you enjoyed writing? 

Oh, that’s a hard one as I love every part of this book! I personally love to write about doing the inner work more as I can get really deep with this topic and normally, you’ll find the Universe will test you on that subject to make sure you know what you are talking about! So, for me, I find the writing process deeply healing and both of my books have been about pivotal moments in my life. I find by writing about this you not only experience the healing again but also release this part of your life. That’s why I always say to the author’s I mentor that writing a self-help book is both challenging and rewarding because the Universe likes to make sure you are walking your talk!

Finally, what is one thing that you hope people will take away from reading the book? 

Over anything I hope my book brings healing and peace into your life. Yes, manifesting abundance, money and wealth great and let’s celebrate that! But for me this about clearing the way to abundance and creating a sustainable Positively Wealthy life. So, I hope this book helps you to turn your dream life into an abundant reality Queen. 

Emma Mumford is an award-winning life coach, blogger, YouTuber, speaker and author, and host of the popular podcast: Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast. Emma set up her popular business brand The Coupon Queen. In 2016, she underwent a spiritual awakening and became a spiritual life coach.

Positively Wealthy is available in eBook format here.

The book will be published in paperback on September 8th – pre-order here.

Emma can be found on Instagram (@iamemmamumford) and YouTube (@SpiritualQueen).