Reader review – I Met a Monk by Rose Elliot


A review of I Met a Monk by Meggie Bentley

This book was such a wonderful gift. The biographical interludes are perhaps bittersweet but the comfort and support Rose has found, and now so generously shares with us all, is indeed life affirming.  Following the practises Rose describes has its challenges: this is not an easy way of life but requires discipline and mindful thought.

Each chapter describes a session with the monk. It includes an aspect of Buddha’s teaching, a description of a question and answer time and a closing session.

The practices are summarised at the end of each section. I find this so useful for reviewing my practice and as an aide-memoire.

Rose shares her own responses to the teaching and what she found difficult and helpful. This, I found, sustained me through my efforts too.

The book is profoundly and beautifully simple; yes, there are more complex books on the Buddha’s teaching but this is for anyone drawn to living their life mindfully aware of themselves, their environment and the effect they can have upon the people and world around them.

‘I met a Buddhist monk. He said ‘be mindful and remember the Four Noble Truths. They will bring you happiness, freedom and peace.’ I did, and they have….so I wrote this book to share them.’

Rose Elliot MBE www.imetamonk.com www.roseelliot.com

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I Met a Monk
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