Rebalance the Energy of your Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the one to focus on if you want to form or maintain a loving partnership, or if you need to let go of stress and negativity. Swami Saradananda, author of The Essential Guide to Chakras, explains all about the heart chakra and describes a lovely mudra (hand gesture) that you can use to bring unconditional love, good will, genuine affection and loving communication.

What is the Heart Chakra?

rebalance-your-heart-chakraThe heart (anahata) chakra is the energetic centre of your subtle body. It is one of your most powerful links between the physical and spiritual realms. Its function is to transmute the higher vibrations from the upper three chakras into grosser forms, so that they can manifest on the physical plane. It enables the downward movement of energy, transforming consciousness into matter. Simultaneously, it converts the energy from your lower chakras into the upward-moving, more subtle, energy of ideas, thoughts and inspiration. The heart chakra is the most complex, talked about and perhaps the most difficult chakra to understand.

Your heart chakra enables you to give of yourself, to express unselfish love and to be compassionate. It also makes it possible for you to accept whatever life has to offer. This is where life “touches” you. Your heart chakra controls the minor chakras in your hands, enabling you to reach out to others. When a friend is expressing grief at the loss of a loved one, you may instinctively pat his or her arm or shoulder. When your child is feverish, you may stoke his or her head. These are examples of the energy of your anahata chakra expressing itself as sympathy.

What are the benefits of the Heart Chakra?


  • Finding emotional balance
  • Enhancing your ability in “heart-centred” activities
  • Forgiving people who have harmed you
  • Letting go of negativity


Rebalance your Heart Chakra with a Lotus Mudra

Do you need to rebalance your heart chakra? When the energy at your heart chakra is balanced and free of blockages you rarely feel lonely. You are not lacking in the ability to forgive, nor are you short of sympathy. You would not be the type of person who would stay in a loveless marriage. Also you would be unlikely to deny yourself proper medical care or physical nurturing.

People with imbalances in their heart chakras are often referred to as “hard-hearted” or as suffering from a “tightening of the heart”.

This mudra (hand gesture) helps you to rebalance the energy of your heart chakra and stimulates its gradual emotional cleansing. Practise it whenever your feel drained, exploited or misunderstood. It is especially helpful during times of loneliness and despair. The lotus mudra aids you in opening yourself up to the divine will and allowing yourself to receive whatever it is that you really need. If you practise it on a regular basis, it assists you in finding unconditional love, good will, genuine affection and loving communication.

The blossoming lotus represents your heart opening. The flower is firmly rooted in the “mud” of the lower chakras, but it is adamant in its resolve to grow upward toward the light – the knowledge of the higher centres. The lotus is a symbol of your inner beauty emerging from the darkness.


1. Bring your palms together at your chest, with the fingers vertical and relaxed.

2. Keeping the fingertips and the bases of the hands together bend your fingers slightly and bow your knuckles outward. Notice how they now resemble the bud of a lotus flower.

3. Keeping the tips of the little fingers and the outside edges of the thumbs together, slowly separate the other fingers and spread out wide. This represents the opening of the heart chakra.

4. Take four to five deep breaths as you mentally repeat the affirmation, “I open my heart to receive whatever comes my way.”

5. Then slowly bring your fingertips back into the “bud” position.

Repeat this mudra several times.

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