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Explore Karnak’s Sacred Energy

If you ever felt drawn by the energy of certain sacred sites, this oracle cards is for you. Author Barbara Meiklejohn‐Free invites you to explore Karnak, one of the 52 sacred sites featured in Sacred Sites Oracle Cards, a unique oracle, beautifully illustrated by Yuri Leitch,…
Personal Development

The Shaman Within

- By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free The sensationalist portrayal of a Shaman usually involves something rather foreign and ominous, harking back to times of sacrifice and secrecy. However, stripped back to its core a Shaman is simply one who is wise. They have come to learn and respect…

Vessel for Change

- By Barbara Meiklejohn-Free The sacred bowl represents our experiences of this life - our holy grail. We fill and empty it as we journey through life. A healthy vessel is always in flux, and is our primary tool to managing change. Intention, alignment, surrender and…
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