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Male Fertility and Reproductive System

The greater majority of men have little idea of how their reproductive system functions and even what the component parts may be. Reflexology for Fertility's author Barbara Scott explains how reflexology can be an excellent form of treatment for increasing male fertility and reproductive system.…

Can Reflexology Increase Fertility?

Reflexology is often thought as a practice for boosting energy or inducing relaxation. Reflexology treatments can work on deeper levels to reduce fertility issues and can be very effective in supporting conception for both female and male clients. We asked Barbara Scott – reflexologist and…

Beat the Blues this Winter

In America, the third Monday in January has come to be known as "Blue Monday" because it's the start of the week when credit card bills from the December holidays come due. The joyous frenzy of shopping turns into an ugly hangover this time of…

Campaigning for Compassion: 8 Essential Tips We Need Now

This post first appeared on Positively Present website. Two new books -- Compassion and Forgiveness -- from my Effortless Inspiration series debut tomorrow, and their release couldn't come at a better time. Whether you're into politics or not, you've probably witnessed the craziness surrounding the American presidential election…

Herbs and Spices to Rewind Your Body Clock

This month we’re pleased to be publishing Jayney Goddard's Rewind Your Body Clock. With a special interest in anti-ageing, Jayney is one of the world’s leading complementary medicine and natural health experts. Take it away, Jayney! I’m always amazed by the way the herbs and…

The Mystery Experience

- by Tim Freke This is the mystery experience. It’s happening now. Something wonderfully mysterious is going on. We’re conscious of being alive, but we don’t know what life is. How astonishing! We inhabit a vast universe, but we don’t know what the universe is.…

Get 30% off our Masters of Wisdom Series

Get 30% off our Masters of Wisdom Series and receive a free e-book! The offer is valid until Wednesday November 11. Masters of Wisdom is a Watkins Series, edited by Alan Jacobs, presenting a selection of inspiring and memorable writings and teachings from celebrated sages,…