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A Revolutionary Way to View Mandalas

For all those who appreciate the beauty and power of mandalas, this revolutionary new package takes your enjoyment to a new level. It is a multimedia mandala experience for lovers of sacred patterns as well as for meditators – including those who are coming to meditation for the first time.


  • 12 specially designed 3D mandalas on a fully downloadable CD
  • 3D glasses to view the mandalas in their full glory
  • A full-colour book with step-by-step guidance on how to meditate
  • And 12 outline mandalas for you to complete and contemplate on

The centrepiece is 12 astonishing, specially designed 3D mandalas, viewable on any computer screen or colour digital device. Just download the images from the CD and view them with the 3D glasses provided. The beautiful imagery appears in extraordinary depth and will totally alter your perceptions. The CD also includes a meditation soundtrack comprising nature sounds, chants and timed meditation sessions to complete your meditation practice.

The accompanying full-colour book reproduces the images conventionally and provides a suggested step-by-step meditation that guides you through each image in turn. The book also includes an accessible and informative guide to the importance of mandalas in both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. The final ingredient in the kit is a set of outline mandalas on 12 colouring cards for you to colour in – intricate enough to be beautiful, but simple enough not to tax your patience to the extreme. You can keep them to meditate on your own creations, or give them to friends or family in lieu of greeting cards.


About Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is a full-time author who has written widely on meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, perception and various mind-body-spirit subjects. Her non-fiction books include Swimming with Dolphins (1997), which chronicles real-life experiences of such encounters; Understanding the Planetary Myths (2003); and Dreams and Dreaming (2004). She is also the author of a novel, Swan Lake. Lisa lives in Bath, Somerset.

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