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Ten Steps to a Happier You

When you’re in the grip of depression it can seem as if there really is no way out. Author of the bestselling Beat Depression & Reclaim Your Life, Alexandra Massey knows how you feel because she’s been there too. In Beat Depression Fast she reveals how she made a lasting recovery from depression through ten simple steps; which you, too, can put into practice immediately.

By embracing the evidence-based techniques of positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy and by taking on a holistic approach to your well-being, Alex shows that you can truly start to feel better from Day 1 with her ten-step programme.

  • Rediscover your own strengths and free yourself from negative self talk through positive psychology
  • Reach your calm inner centre, and escape from the anxious chatter of your thoughts through meditations and affirmations
  • Overcome your fear of emotions; work with them to ensure your needs are met in a safe, healthy way through mindfulness techniques
  • Build lasting positive relationships with those around you – and most importantly, yourself as your self-esteem grows

This truly integrated approach to overcoming depression includes guidance on how bodywork and breathing techniques can help you deal with stress and anxiety, together with advice on the foods that can lift your mood. You will also find a plan to help you maintain your recovery over the long term.

About Alexandra Massey

alex massey
An expert in dealing with depression, relationship guidance and a help line counsellor, Alexandra Massey, author of four bestselling books, has developed a unique programme ‘The Beat Depression Programme’ and makes regular appearances on both radio and television.



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