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26 Inspiring Designs Plus 10 Basic Templates for Colouring and Meditation

Discover the power of Buddhist mandalas with this wonderful colouring book – to help you find peace and relaxation

Combine the soothing wisdom of Buddhist thought with the power of mandalas – geometric designs that have been used for centuries, particularly in the East, to achieve serenity and focus the mind. Mandalas are traditionally considered to be highly complex maps of the cosmos. The beautiful examples included in this book incorporate the most accessible and relevant Buddhist symbols and imagery. With 36 stunning mandalas rendered as line illustrations, the act of colouring and contemplating these harmonious images is a powerful, meditative activity.

Find the peace and truth of Buddhism by mindful colouring – 36 beautiful designs that will come alive as you colour them in

  • Lively and informative introduction puts mandalas in their historical and cultural contexts
  • Includes full-colour directory of Buddhist symbols
  • Gives colour palette recommendations for each mandala


About Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is a full-time author who has written widely on meditation, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, perception and various mind-body-spirit subjects. Her non-fiction books include Swimming with Dolphins (1997), which chronicles real-life experiences of such encounters; Understanding the Planetary Myths (2003); and Dreams and Dreaming (2004). She is also the author of a novel, Swan Lake. Lisa lives in Bath, Somerset.

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