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How to release angelic blessing into your life

Angels cannot communicate with us unless we raise our level of consciousness. Claire Nahmad explains how you can do this and how it will help you to call on the angels in every life situation, most particularly when you are in need.

As Claire says in her introduction, ‘There is one vital point to bear in mind as we tread the path of our individual life journey on planet earth. We never were meant to struggle on alone. Our challenges, our difficulties and our burdens were never designed to be encountered in solitude, or faced only within the limits of human help and companionship. We might be divest of family and friends, of good health, money, employment and reputation, and even of home, country and identity, yet there are certain friends, comforters and helpers who will never desert us, who can never be taken away from us, and whom it is cosmically impossible to be without. They are the angels.

If we are suffering physical agony we cannot bear, we can call on the angels and they will lift us high above the thrashing chaos of our bodily pain. When we are angry, lonely, depressed, anxious, bored or uninspired, we can contact the angels and they will clear a path for us so that we can head out of our misery. When we are at our wits’ end and have nowhere to turn, we can summon angels who will show us an open doorway. When our relationships sour, we can seek counsel of the angels and they will put us in touch with our own soul’s deepest knowledge as to how to restore harmony or, perhaps, move on.’

In this book, you will learn:

  • the multi-faceted forms of angelic magic
  • to use scents, colours, flowers, emblems, music and chants to call on your angels
  • the importance of angel symbolism in dreams
  • how visions of angels through the ages can help in healing

Call on Your Angels includes practical exercises and techniques to help you enhance your contact with angels.

About Claire Nahmad

Claire Nahmad is a successful author who specializes in healing and herbalism, the study of magic and local folklore. She has written a number of bestselling books including Kick-Ass Angels and Fairy Spells. She lives in Lincolnshire, England.

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