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Seership, Omens and Dreams of the Otherworld

Acclaimed teacher and author Caitlín Matthews offers a fresh look at the ancient Celtic tradition of seership and how this ‘bright knowledge’ can guide us on our path to fulfilment.

In the ancient realm of the Celts the ‘seer’ opened a window to reveal a complete view of the cosmos, in which the otherworld and the everyday world interconnect. This was the essence of true perception and wisdom, known by the vision-poets as the gléfiosa, or ‘bright knowledge’.

A seer has total vision, perceiving the energies of life that team within natural phenomena. Celtic Visions shows how this visionary wisdom can be harnessed to reveal universal truths – above all, the underlying harmony of our lives on Earth. Detailed coverage is given to the prophetic visions of the druids, bards and seers; and their methods of communicating with the Otherworld, through auguries, omens and fairy lore. A range of prayers, chants and other practices is offered, all appropriate for modern-day seekers. For all who wish to drink from the sacred sources of insight, this book will lead you to the ancestral wells.

About Caitlin Matthew

Writer, singer, teacher and writer Caitlin Matthews runs a shamanic practice in Oxford and teaches ancestral traditions around the world. She has written over 60 books including The Celtic Wisdom Oracle, also for Watkins.

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