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An exquisite card deck, with a built-in easel in the box, focused on a topical and important healing therapy – by following the meditations here you can retune your chakras to restore body and mind.

In Indian healing philosophy, chakras are the body’s subtle energy centres through which prana, or vital energy, must flow smoothly for optimum physical and emotional health. Through meditation you can retune your chakras and restore body and mind, reaping the benefits of increased concentration and emotional strength, as well as a deep sense of inner peace.

This unique, beautifully designed deck of 52 chakra meditation cards offers practical wisdom and inspiring spiritual guidance to bring your life into balance. Attractively illustrated with evocative artwork, the cards are divided into seven sections – one for each of the seven chakras. Every section features visualizations, meditations, exercises, techniques and inspiring quotations appropriate to its chakra, and each card features a vivid image of the corresponding yantra (chakra symbol) on its reverse, designed to be used as a meditation aid.

The deck box itself forms a folding easel: this offers an ingenious way to display the cards, enabling you to focus fully on each one. You can choose which card to focus on according to your needs – for example, to open up your imagination prior to starting some creative project or to help you feel confident before an important meeting. With a wealth of transforming practices and uplifting affirmations, this beautiful deck will be an essential companion for everyone seeking enhanced energy, creativity, focus, calm and general well-being in their life.

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