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Philosophical Insights from Confucius, Mencius, Laozi, Zhuangzi and Other Masters

An engaging, accessible and beautifully presented collection of eloquent wisdom from ancient China – insights both universal and timeless.

Chinese Wisdom is a luxuriously presented, beautifully illustrated anthology of profound philosophical and spiritual literature that brings together the most inspiring and illuminating thoughts from China’s long and magnificent past. The selection ranges widely – from the humane ideals of Confucius and Mencius to the more esoteric thoughts expressed in the Tao Te Ching and the Zhuangzi, the founding texts of Taoism; from the philosophy of war and command articulated by Sunzi to the promotion of universal love by Mozi. This highly original collection – perfect for dipping into as well as serious study – offers fascinating insights into characteristic Chinese perspectives on life, death, divinity, society and morality. The compilation reflects our universal journey through life, tracing themes from family and education through war and politics to death.

With fresh translations of passages from China’s most venerable texts as well as ancient manuscripts that have only recently come to light, Chinese Wisdom is a wonderful mix of stories, reflections, observations and aphorisms, guaranteed to entertain as well as inspire.

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