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Countdown to Coherence


Hazel Courteney weaves cutting-edge science – facts and theories from many of today’s most exciting thinkers – into the riveting story of her journey to discover where humankind is headed

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Do our thoughts really create our reality? Do we exist in more than one universe at once? Can it be proven that consciousness survives physical death? Hazel Courteney sets out in search of answers to these questions and others, on a quest to discover if the ‘ultimate truths’ expounded by today’s spiritual teachers have any truth to them at all.

After an incredible near-death experience in 1998 and some miraculous events that followed, Hazel felt compelled to seek out spiritual masters and leading scientists to help her to uncover what was really going on. The result is this fast-paced book – the story of a spiritual journey on which Hazel meets distinguished yet controversial thinkers who share cutting-edge scientific research and theories that lead her to some staggering conclusions.

In the book she examines the growing belief that our universe is nothing but a hologram, projected by an ancient supercomputer or super-mind, and that we are biological computers operating inside a preprogrammed simulator. She considers evidence that other civilizations exist alongside ours in other space/time dimensions; explores the phenomenon of Orbs, strange spheres of light that are now appearing on digital pictures the world over; and hears from one renowned physicist what he believes happened before the Big Bang.

To complement the scientific perspective, Hazel turns to the spiritual as well. From a highly respected shaman/scientist who has spent twenty-five years learning from the ancient knowledge of the shape-shifters of Peru, she receives insight into what happens after we leave the physical body and how we can change the future. At the incredible temples of Damanhur near Turin, she finds out about time travel and how sacred geometry links our world with others. And she discovers how science can actually measure enlightenment.

Ultimately, she leaves readers with no doubt about who we really are, where we need to go and why – and how much more we are all capable of than we’ve ever imagined.

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