Easy Massage Workbook


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A complete massage class in a book


The Easy Massage Workbook brings all the benefits of a personal massage class into your home. Illustrated in detail throughout, this unique workbook teaches you the benefits, basic techniques and routines of massage for you to practise and perfect.

Clare Harris introduces you to the principles of massage, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on techniques and application. Learn the basic strokes, such as a gentle stroking technique to release tension and instil calm, or the invigorating hacking stroke to stimulate lymph and blood circulation and combat exhaustion. Combine the techniques you have learned to create different massage routines that target specific areas, such as shoulders and neck, back or feet, or follow the routines in sequence to give a full body massage. Adapt the massages to suit different people – for example, expectant mums, new babies or the elderly. Use the techniques on yourself, learning how you can self-massage to tackle common health problems, such as eyestrain and shoulder tension. And finally, discover the therapeutic properties of the most effective and widely used massage oils.
This book is a targeted, practical, easy-to-follow and safe manual, which allows you to practise your skills and build your massage routines at your own pace at home.

  • Bring all the benefits of a massage class into your own home
  • Follow clear, step-by-step instructions on the basic massage strokes including thumb circling, kneading and hacking
  • Practise quick-to-learn and easy-to-follow massages devised for modern lifestyles, tackling common problems such as backache, neck ache and tension headaches
  • Put safety first, following clear information that reveals the benefits and contraindications of massage work


About Clare Harris

Clare Harris is a qualified massage therapist and aromatherapist and has run her own accredited school of massage and aromatherapy in Bath. For several years she was an external moderator in anatomy, physiology and pathology for the Massage Training Institute, London. Clare is also a qualified counsellor specializing in a holistic approach to personal development and wellbeing and is the author of Conquer Stress, Achieve Success for Watkins.