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Eat To Boost Your Immunity (eBook)


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Never before have we been so aware of the relationship between diet and immunity. Our bodies have a truly remarkable ability to heal themselves and to ward off illness, but it has been undermined by our reliance on processed and nutrient-depleted foods. This book shows you how to redress the balance by eating foods that stimulate the immune system and supply it with the nutrients it needs to promote optimum well-being.
By explaining the simple principles of eating for immunity and showing how you can incorporate tasty, immunity-boosting recipes into your diet, this informative and practical book tells you all you need to know to enhance your body’s defence systems.
Common ailments, such as recurrent colds, flu, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, eczema and chronic fatigue, indicate that your immune system needs a boost. In addition, stress and depression can weaken your body’s natural defences. Learn from this authoritative guide how the right choice of healing foods can help you fight off illness, lift your spirits and gently restore balance to mind and body for complete health.
The structure of the book has been carefully devised so that you can source information according to your needs:
By food – Look up the immunity-enhancing properties of more than 150 different foods, including several special “star foods”
By ailment – Find out which foods will address a particular ailment, allergy or disorder
By recipe – Choose from more than 180 delicious and imaginative recipes
Including diet plans and menus, this unique combination of practical medical reference resource and immune-boosting cookbook, Eat to Boost your Immunity, shows how anyone can eat for optimum health, vitality and well-being.