Emotional First Aid (eBook)


A short, simple and instantly effective guide to feeling better no matter what life throws at you. With levels of fear and anxiety now running sky high, try these simple meditations, exercises and rituals to counteract your negative self-talk, soothe yourself into peace and calm, and ride the wave of each challenging emotion instead of being overwhelmed. Let Michael James guide you in using this period of enforced lockdown and seclusion to embed the good habits that will support your best life yet.

Feeling down, angry or depressed? Turn to “Feeling Low” and find the meditation technique that best distracts you from negative feelings, whether that’s focusing on sounds or on comforting phrases or having a meditative shower or workout. Lacking energy or bored? Turn to “Feeling Uninspired” and get an emotional pick-me-up. Life seems great? Turn to “Feeling Good” and make the most of your high spirits, to activate your intuition and create your ideal life by envisioning it. What all the practices in this ebook have in common is that they are easy to do and will help you step away from unhelpful mind chatter and appreciate what you have right now. This ebook was previously published in print form as Lighthouse.

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