Gateway to the Heavens


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Does geometry hold the key to revealing the mysteries of the universe?

Throughout history humans have sought to discover some purpose to life, looking for order and patterns in the seeming random nature of our surroundings. In their quest for knowledge, our ancestors learned to unravel the importance of simple geometric shapes.

Delving into these geometrical mysteries, mathematician and artist Karen L. French reveals the purpose of these shapes and shows you how they mould reality and your perception of it.

French teaches you how they have a direct bearing on what you are and why you are here. She also shows how this knowledge can be achieved through the expansion of your conscious awareness, and how this expansion is made possible.

From the Introduction to Gateway to the Heavens

Geometry structures reality. Well, so what? What bearing does this have on my own everyday life? As our ancestors learned, shapes not only structure reality, they also remind us of the purpose of living. This is why geometry is a feature of man-made structures and belief systems across the planet.

The meaning of geometry is an inherent part of the ‘language’ of numbers and shapes, a language often guarded by a select few and shrouded in mystery; a language that relies on our intuitive interpretation of symbolism and is as old as the Universe itself. Such interpretation is second nature when we read a poem or novel – we intuitively know the experience of words such as pain, love and hunger; in our minds we share the world the words describe. In much the same way, numbers and shapes can mean more to us than we consciously realize.

Gateway to the Heavens will also explain how it is possible to gain an intuitive grasp of the way simple geometric shapes and patterns mould reality and our perceptions of it. The book also explains how it is in our natures to strive to acquire this knowledge, how it is possible to attain such knowing only via the expansion of our consciousness and how that expansion is made possible. A personal perspective on the interpretation of shapes is included to add a further slant on the language of geometry, but mainly I have written it as a reminder of this inspirational language and the lessons to which it points.

My own exploration opened up an entire new world to me and changed totally my perspective on life. I hope that these lessons may be applied to your own lives to facilitate the growth and transformation of your own awareness of this reality we share.

About Karen L. French

Karen L. French has a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics and Management Sciences and an MSc in Marketing, both from the University of Manchester. She has a lifelong interest in understanding and interpreting sacred geometry. Her previous book, The Hidden Geometry of Life, also published by Watkins, has become an international classic text.

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