How to Find God in Everything (eBook)


Look at the world with new eyes and find the divine in everything! Use this perceptive guide and open hearts and minds, bringing God back to earth, where he is so desperately needed

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We are all looking for meaning among the chaos that is modern life. When we look around it is all too easy to see something that it is spiralling out of control, but if we can make changes to our own perceptions – changing our own reality – we can start to bring about genuine changes to the world. We can change suffering to joy and terror to peace by opening ourselves up to the concept of fulfilling our own potential.

To do this, we must see that everyone and everything is a manifestation of God – that everyone and everything is one with the divine and at every moment we can make the choice of what we let ourselves feel. If we can learn to use this control in every area of our lives: from how we eat, move, breathe, think and feel to how we relate to one another, our work, our finances and our creativity, we can change not just our own lives but also the world we live in.

Written in a lively, engaging and very accessible style that sparkles with clarity and grace, this book will appeal to the readership of The Secret and The God Delusion. This enlightening new book will empower readers to become part of a revolution in consciousness that will make a positive difference in the world!

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