How To Pass Exams


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Accelerate learning, memorize key fact and revise effectively

Designed for all ages and abilities, this practical and accessible book will teach you everything you need to know to increase your memory power and your chances of passing any exam with flying colours.


  • Highly effective and easy-to-grasp techniques and memory skills for all exam situations
  • Specific memory and learning techniques – from visualization and association to the ‘journey’ and ‘link’ methods
  • Useful advice and handy hints on speed-reading, note-taking, revision and mind mapping
  • Special features on specific academic subjects – from history and the sciences to modern languages and business studies


Learning how to revise with Dominic O’Brien

‘I hope your educational experiences haven’t been as bad as mine were – I hated school. I accepted, reluctantly, that this was the way things were, but couldn’t understand why I should be restricted to a watered-down, grey, overcomplicated, artificial, classroom version of the universe, when outside I could see life itself beckoning in all its three-dimensional glory.

“O’Brien! Why are you staring out of the window? Stop day-dreaming and concentrate!” So the trick was to lock eyes on the teacher and day-dream at the same time.

“O’Brien, what have I just been talking about? … Can’t you remember anything? … Is nothing absorbed in that head of yours?”

Precious little information was absorbed in those days because no one explained the absorption process. Buy a washing machine and the instructions come with it. Purchase a computer and you get a user’s guide of encyclopaedic proportions. Your brain is vastly superior to any computer and incredibly complicated. So when we are born, where’s the instruction manual? Much like using a computer, how could I be expected to output information if I wasn’t told how to input it in the first place?

It is now my firm belief that what every student really needs to know before tackling any subject is how to learn how to learn. This book aims to reveal that process, so treat this as your own user’s guide to the brain.’

About Dominic O’Brien

Dominic O’Brien is the eight times winner of the World Memory Championship and author of the Bestselling You Can Have an Amazing Memory.

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