I’m Spiritual, Dammit


Whether you’re a true believer, a hardened cynic or a little bit of both, join Jenniffer Weigel and the suprisingly normal people she meets on her fabulously funny and thought-provoking spiritual adventure through everyday life

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This book is one woman’s attempt to deal with life’s daily whirlwinds – the ‘stuff’ that happens. Jenniffer Weigel asks three questions that many of us confront at one time or another: Is it possible to be sane and grounded and have a rich interior life? Is it possible to get through the day with poise and grace when everything is hitting the fan? Is it possible to have a spiritual life and not be some sort of wacko? Her answer to all three questions is a resounding Yes!

Jenniffer arrives at that conclusion by way of thirteen inspiring commonsense rules for holding it all together. Each rule is given a chapter of its own. Chapter titles include ‘Rock Star Parking, a Tight Ass, and Your Dream Job: Just Thank the Universe’ and ‘Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: How To NOT Get Lost in a Guru’. But don’t be misled by the knockabout humour: one of Jenniffer’s great lessons for us is that there is no room for solemnity even when we are asking serious questions, such as: Is there such a thing as a spiritual aura? Can we communicate with the dead? Is it possible that we have lived several lives prior to this one?

Whether she is interviewing celebrities on TV or encountering the spirit of her dead father (who keeps appearing in the guise of a cardinal – a bird, not a prelate), Jenniffer Weigel maintains a zest for learning, living and loving.

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