In the Arms of Angels


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Messages from the Angelic Realms to Help You on Your Way


With Illustrations and Angelic Messages by Olwen Ballantyne

Connect with the angels in a direct and intimate way through the inspiring messages offered by these unique and exquisite illustrations, all of which are imbued with waves and spirals of angelic energy that can be used as a focus for receiving strength and healing.

On an autumn day in 2004, artist Olwen Ballantyne had an incredible experience as she worked on her first painting of an angel: the air around her became alive with angelic presence. The first message and the angelic image were given to her from the heart of this vibrancy, and since then Olwen has painted several hundred angels. Some of her most beautiful paintings and their accompanying messages are reproduced in this magnificent book, which she has co-authored with her friend and renowned angels expert Claire Nahmad.

Together Olwen and Claire have produced a captivating book in which lyrical words and breathtaking illustrations combine to open our channels and allow us to commune with the angels, as we break free from the mundane sphere of the material world.

Through a delightful collection of meditations, blessings, affirmations, poems and exercises, the author and artist transport us to the celestial realms where we can be lifted on the wings of our loving angel friends, as we connect and enter deeper into communion with them, according to our own unique vision and soul purpose. In this uplifting celebration, we learn that angels are here to light up the universe with their essence of love, peace and joy.

About the authors

Claire Nahmad is a successful author who specializes in healing and herbalism, the study of magic and local folklore. She has written a number of bestselling books including Kick-Ass Angels and Fairy Spells. She lives in Lincolnshire, England.

Olwen Ballantyne experienced a miracle on the 3rd September 2004 when she painted her first Angel. She called this painting ‘Spirit In The Sky’ and amazingly has found that each Angel she paints wants to say something to us here on Mother Earth. Subsequently every painting comes with its own words as well as its own amazing and unique energy. Olwen feels that the Angels she paints and the words are an absolute joy and delight to produce. She feels truly blessed that the Angels have chosen her and intends to honour her journey with them in every way she can.

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