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The Dynamic Approach to Working with Angels to Improve Your Life

Discover the ‘tough love’ of kick-ass angels – the hidden angelic powers who can smash through your shell of habit and routine and refresh your outlook and your energy, in ways that will transform your life.

When we find ourselves suffering from lethargy or frustration, when we are unable to make progress and repeatedly encounter the same problems, and when we start to lose sight of our higher aspirations – then we need to invoke the kick-ass angels. This book teaches us how to call on these exceptionally vigorous angelic forces of change and accept the surprising messages they have for us.

Kick-ass angels are not soft and indulgent – but nor are they bullies or tyrants who use severity inappropriately. They are concerned only with our awakening and with our progress. They are unafraid of the grave secrets we may have buried within ourselves. Their mission is to cleanse – to exorcise our demons, to purge us of our fears and banish our self-imposed limitations.

To fulfil our potential we all need the kick-ass angels’ help in our daily lives. And collectively we need their help at this point in our history – with the aid of the kick-ass angels, the transformation of our future can begin.

Poll after poll reveals that substantial numbers of people in the Western world are convinced of the existence of angels. More Americans believe in angels than believe in global warming. However, these angels of the popular imagination tend to be docile and blandly gentle, rather than being genuine forces for change. Wake up! The kick-ass angels are coming!

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