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Use the Science of Laughter for Total Well-being

Laughter is incredibly important for our mental and physical health, our prosperity, our relationships, our careers – in fact, every aspect of our lives. But most of us just laugh coincidently, without any thought about the power of laughter. Lesley Lyle thinks differently because the simple act of laughing can make us feel better, even if we think that we’ve got nothing to laugh about.

Drawing inspiration from Laughter Yoga, a movement that uses laughter and breathing exercises to bring about amazing changes in the health and well-being of thousands of individuals, Lesley reveals:

  • Fascinating medical and scientific evidence that proves the benefits of laughter for body and mind
  • Simple daily exercises to encourage more laughter in your life
  • How learning to laugh for no reason can bring about a sense of greater connection, joy and meaning in your life

Throughout Laugh Your Way To Happiness, Lesley’s simple and fun exercises that will help you see opportunities for laughter in the most unexpected places, from getting up to work to finishing a difficult meeting.

This is a book that will delight, as well as inform – most importantly, it will positively change your life.

About Lesley Lyle

Use the Science of Laughter for Total Well-beingLesley Lyle is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach. She also works part-time as cabin crew for British Airways and is mentor for the Prince’s Trust. She founded Laughter Business, which provides laughter training, to help people improve their physical health and psychological well-being through the power of laughter.


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