New Revolutions for a Small Planet (eBook)


A brilliant forecast of our global future, predicting what will happen to our social structures, to our resources, to our infrastructures – but also to our minds and hearts – in the years to come

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Humanity is in the midst of great transformation. Our world is undergoing three types of revolution, all co-dependent:  physical, psychic and cosmological. The media report dramatic changes due to climatic disruption: earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions. We are also witnessing a surge in popular protest, as decades of corrupt or inefficient social systems face their nemesis. Yet within this outward turmoil more subtle shifts are occurring, such as the transition of the ‘modern’ mind from the industrial-globalisation model towards a life-sustaining, ecological-cosmological world-view.

This book begins with an account of the transition between world ages, from one set of world-views to the next, which is likely to involve a re-structuring of our psychological and social frameworks. Part Two examines the dire state of finite energy resources and analyses our increasing global (in)security and surveillance. Part Three examines the conscious-raising aspects that have occurred since the late 19th century and discusses the emergence of a global ‘empathic mind’. Finally, Part Four discusses an integral worldview and what this means for our global future(s).

This impressively researched book discusses these profound revolutions currently under way within a planetary civilisation and the implications of a psychophysical transformation.

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