Palmistry at Your Fingertips


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Hidden in the palm of the hand are the secrets of love, life and fate – decode them with this expert’s guidebook to palmistry and deck of brilliantly clear reference cards.


The secrets of personality, love life and destiny (and those of your family and friends) are at your fingertips with the help of this expert’s guidebook and card kit.

The user-friendly book explains the principles of palmistry, detailing the mounts or areas of the palm, which reveal your true character; the shape of your fingers, which can indicate creativity or psychic powers; and the nature of your fingerprint, which can suggest unique talents. The author also explores in depth all the major and minor hand lines.

As an easy-to-use system enabling you to study your own and other people’s hands, the kit also features palm-sized cards illustrating the key finger and hand shapes and lines, including the life, heart, head and fate lines. The back of the card displays a useful summary of each feature’s significance – for example, the head line summary reminds you that this line reveals your career path and aptitudes.

During a palmistry session, use the illustrated side of the cards to identify particular features of the hands, and enter your findings on the photocopiable checklist to build up the complete profile of the person. The cards are cross-referenced to pages in the book where you can find more in-depth descriptions and explanations. The book also contains real-life hand readings and palm prints as examples subjected to analysis.

Portable and practical, this kit is the ideal way to begin practising the art of palmistry and telling fortunes.

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