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All you need to know about yoga for pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery

We’ve all seen the photos of the pregnant and glowing Miranda Kerr, Sienna Miller and Beyonce Knowles – yoga mats in tow and impeccably toned figures. Here, top experts in pregnancy yoga Tara Lee and Mary Attwood have created an accessible guide plus a DVD of key practices, including breath-work, illustrated step-by-step routines and a directory of postures to target common pregnancy-related conditions.

In this practical and inspiring book and DVD, leading yoga teacher Tara Lee explains how to do pregnancy yoga in the comfort of your home. Featuring easy-to-follow yoga illustrations, as well as guided meditations, affirmations and real-life birth stories, this book will:

  • Prevent pregnancy discomforts, such as back pain, water retention and nausea, and promote bonding with your baby
  • Help you cope with labour, using body positioning and breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Get you back in shape after the birth


About Tara Lee and Mary Attwood

Tara Lee is a mother of two, a trained doula (labour coach) and the UK’s leading pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher, based at The Life Centre in London. She has become widely known through her bestselling DVDs on pregnancy and post-natal yoga. She regularly appears on the Sky TV channel Fitness and has been featured in many publications including The Sunday Times.
Mary Attwood is a mother, writer, producer and creative businesswoman with a wide experience and knowledge of yoga, meditation and other therapies. She has managed The Life Centre and helped to set up the Alchemy Centre, also in London. She co-created, produced and directed the bestselling pregnancy and post-natal yoga DVD series by Tara Lee.

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