Tales from the Tao


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The Wisdom of the Taoist Masters.

For thousands of years, students of the Tao have gleaned inspiration and illumination from its parables, and the thought-provoking examples in this collection discuss topics ranging from dignity in the face of challenge, to judging character to how to deal with loss. Whether solidifying a spiritual truth, unravelling a puzzle for contemplation or providing a moment of humour, these tales are a mainstay of Eastern philosophy. This unique collection brings together the most inspiring, illuminating and downright funny stories from the classical works of Taoist masters, alongside new writing inspired by traditional tales. Set against a backdrop of the mountains, waterfalls and gorges of China, these tales introduce important Taoist ideas about many of the most basic human experiences – including birth, death, loss, pleasure, and how to surrender to the most fundamental experience of the Tao itself. Interwoven with classic Taoist quotations and illustrated with beautiful photography throughout, these engrossing narratives are as relevant today as they were in the great dynasties of ancient China.