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The 12-Type Enneagram (eBook)


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The first book to present the extraordinary 12-Type Enneagram system which reveals our psyche’s secret code: how and why we all think, feel and behave differently from each other.

The 12-Type Enneagram will show you:
● Why others are different from you
● The right path for your specific spiritual and psychological development
● The information needed to recognize the essence type of others
● How to set your goals and discover your true purpose
● How you can avoid the wrong ways of living

Unknown to most people, there exists a System that codifies the very specific manner in which we each think, feel and behave. This is the 12-Type Enneagram. Each of us has our own ‘essence type’ and discovering our type has enormous significance for understanding both ourselves and others.

In The 12-Type Enneagram, Matthew Campling shows you how to identify your essence type through a series of easy-to-understand questions. The book provides a detailed explanation of each type and shows you how every aspect of our lives is affected by one’s type. The book features chapters on family, friends, work, sex, love and relationships. Simple anecdotes and examples illustrate how learning about this unique system will enable us all to live more fulfilling lives.

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