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Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Boost Your Memory Power

A complete practical system for improving your memory with a unique journey map and 50 flash cards packed with tips, techniques and mind-expanding tests.

This kit offers a fun way to train your memory to peak performance so you won’t ever forget a name or number, face or fact again. Including a unique journey map and 50 flash cards packed with tips, techniques and mindexpanding tests, The Brilliant Memory Tool Kit can teach you to remember numbers of up to 100 digits, or lists of any kind.

The key to improving your memory is twofold: knowing the expert methods devised by one of the most retentive and focused brains in the world, and practising them until you see marked improvements in your performance. This tool kit is all you’ll need to train yourself to be a memory maestro.

Includes 88 page hardback book plus 50 2-colour cards plus Memory Journey Map with 4-colour artwork

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