The Butterfly Experience (eBook)


Break free from the negative attitudes holding you down and take charge of your own happiness with this ground-breaking book on the power of positive thinking – discover who you are, where you’re going and what you want out of life

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Change is one of life’s absolute certainties, but so many of us are held back by a fear of the unknown, by constant procrastination and by living in the shadow of negative thinking about what the future holds for us. This book shows us how to bring positive energy into our life by breaking out of the cocoon, shifting our focus from the negative and embracing change. Written by life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and healer Karen Whitelaw-Smith, The Butterfly Experience reveals how changing your mindset, focusing on abundance, living in the present and learning the skills of relaxation will help you to overcome your fears and become the person you deserve to be.

The book offers a wealth of practical tools such as visualisations, meditations and affirmations to help you to forget about past mistakes and habits and find the inspiration for change deep within yourself. Learn how to take responsibility for your own thoughts, stop waiting for the miracle that will make you happy, and trust your intuition rather than looking to other people for approval.

The journey from caterpillar to butterfly is full of profound transformations and stubborn obstacles to overcome, but this book shows us that if we continue to focus on what we don’t want, or on what makes us fearful, then we are certain to stay where we are and never experience the exciting challenges and wonders that could lie ahead. Apply the ground-breaking techniques of The Butterfly Experience and discover the key to a healthy, happier life.

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