The Crystal Wisdom Oracle


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40 oracle cards for divination, self-understanding and healing

Crystals have been used as oracles since time immemorial and many crystal divinatory meanings go way back into antiquity. Their reflective qualities act as mirrors to reveal the pathway of your soul and they link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Once you are aligned to this, crystal wisdom enhances every aspect of your life.

Connect to your higher, intuitive self with this fully illustrated crystal divination kit offering life-changing insights into your past, present and future. Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times for their powerful intrinsic energies that can be called upon for life guidance and self-knowledge.

Beautifully illustrated with superb crystal photographs that radiate the very essence of the stones, this crystal oracle deck is designed to help guide you on your life-path. An accompanying guide from its creator Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, reveals how you can use these cards for divination and healing.

This kit contains:

  • 40 Crystal Oracle Cards
  • An 80-page guide on how to read the cards, understand their deeper meanings and apply them to live soulfully, prosper and be healthy
  • A carnelian crystal to cleanse the energy of your cards


About Judy Hall

Judy-Hall author of the Crystal Wisdom OracleJudy Hall is known around the world for her crystal work and a wide range of bestselling books. Working as a psychic, healer, broadcaster and international workshop leader for over 40 years, she has four times appeared on the Watkins Bookshop Spiritual 100 List of the most spiritually influential living people of the 21st century. Discover her full biography on her website.



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