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The Diamond Sutra


The famous Diamond Sutra is beautiful, lyrical and often obscure – but Osho makes it accessible and vividly brings it to life, delivering the timeless message of Buddhism with intelligent wit and loving understanding of the difficulties his audience encounters

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Written over 25 centuries ago, The Diamond Sutra is the first text to record the Buddha’s own teachings and is still immensely popular among practising Buddhists today.

‘This sutra – The Diamond Sutra – was born in Sravasti. It means perfection of wisdom which cuts like a thunderbolt. If you allow, Buddha can cut you like a thunderbolt. He can behead you. He can kill you and help you to be reborn. The new being is possible only when the old has been destroyed. A buddha has to be both – a murderer and a mother. On the one hand he has to kill, on the other hand he has to give new being to you.’ — Osho

In this book, Osho offers his unique and highly accessible interpretation of the Buddha’s words, making it seem as if you are in the audience while he speaks. His words come from recordings of his teachings. The easy, humorous conversational style makes for effortless reading and brings the most complex ideas into a form that we can all understand and learn from.

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