The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle


39 Cards for Revealing Your True Self and Your Destiny


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Divination Cards for Clarity and Guidance

A superb new interpretation of the classic card deck, named after the famous French seer, Marie-Anne Lenormand, from renowned author and cartomancer, Caitlín Matthews. Stunningly presented in a new design, this famous French card deck, increasingly popular as an alternative to the Tarot, can help you to solve problems, prepare you for what the future holds and develop your intuition. Accompanied by an authoritative guide on how to use the cards for divination, this kit makes interpretation simple and enlightening.

This kit contains:

  • 36 Enchanted Lenormand Oracle deck plus 3 extra cards
  • A Divination Sheet for the Big Picture Spread
  • An insightful 160-page illustrated guide to learning the language of Lenormand and using the oracular powers of the cards to guide your life


About Caitlin Matthews and Virginia Lee

Writer, singer, teacher and writer Caitlin Matthews runs a shamanic practice in Oxford and teaches ancestral traditions around the world. She has written over 60 books including The Celtic Wisdom Oracle, also for Watkins.

Illustrator Virginia Lee studied Art and Design at Exeter College, UK, followed by a degree in Illustration at Kingston University. After graduating, Virginia worked as a sculptor on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

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