The Enlightenment of Work


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Revealing the Path to Happiness, Contentment and Purpose in Your Job

The world of work is evolving – change with it, and transform your unhappy professional life into one of self-worth, passion and purpose, and realise your untapped potential to find the work you were born to do

Work can be a source of growth, connection, and purpose, but all too often it makes us feel aimless, bullied or manipulated – or merely empty. Sometimes our unease comes from frustrated or misdirected ambition, sometimes from excessive pressure, sometimes from organisational dysfunction. Whatever the precise cause, unenlightened work can make us miserable in a way that often affects our lives outside the workplace.

In this revolutionary new book highly respected life coach Steve Nobel invites you to join him on a journey of change – a process of reinvigorating your career, and your life. If only we can look inside ourselves and recognise the gifts we already have, we can transform our whole experience of work for the better. Drawing upon an innovative fusion of Buddhist Coaching/NPL and Taoist ideas and exercises, Steve demonstrates how even the smallest adjustments to our mindset can bring about tremendously impressive results.

This book is essential for anyone wishing to:

Transform their suffering at work: Suffering can come in many ways. It can come through feeling aimless and bored where the only reason for being there is to collect a salary each month. It can come through stress, overwork and burnout. This book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens – but we can transform that suffering.

Realise their innate gifts, talents and purpose: Most work disconnects us from knowing our authentic self – our essence or soul. Trust your courage, ideas, intuition, and discover your true self.

Reclaim their time: Time is our most precious resource and one we cannot afford to waste. However, many of us work in busy environments that leave little time for real thinking or reflection, or for doing anything very new or interesting. Busy and idle minds can get locked into different forms of anxiety about the past and the future.

The changing world of work demands emotional and spiritual intelligence. No one has to stay with work that oppresses the spirit. This new world is about choice.

About Steve Nobel

After spending 20 years doing a job he did not love, Steve Nobel decided to follow his heart and see what would happen. In 1993, he joined Alternatives, a not-for-profit organisation promoting spiritual and self-help authors; he became a co-director in 2000. Steve has written two previous books, Freeing the Spirit (2002) and The Prosperity Game (2006). He is trained in coaching and NLP, and runs talks, workshops and retreats around the UK and Europe.

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