The Hidden Geometry of Life


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Extraordinary insights into the hidden patterns, shapes and geometry that are the very basis of existence

Karen French’s first book, the cult classic Gateway to the Heavens, revealed that our world is structured by a universal sacred geometry. In The Hidden Geometry of Life, her second book on the subject, she delves even deeper into the nature of reality, looking at the amazing process of creation itself.

French shows how simple shapes and numbers, operating as universal principles through such elements as sound and light, create all the infinite forms of life. Part I explains how basic shapes and numbers not only provide a framework for our world but also mould the creative process – the number five is particularly important. Part II explores what it means to ‘be’ and shows how geometry is implicated at every level of being, from personal consciousness to the multiple dimensions of time and space. Part III describes how sound acts as a medium for geometrical principles in creation and explores the role of music and sacred sounds such as AUM. Part IV explains how light and colour also provide a medium for the geometrical archetypes. And in Part V the themes are drawn together to show how our enhanced understanding of the nature of reality and creation offers each of us a gateway to profound new levels of awareness.

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