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Gerald Benedict uncovers the real meaning behind the Mayan Prophecies for 2012, and rather than being a disastrous cataclysmic change he reveals that it is the dawn of a new age — an evolutionary development away from materialism and cynicism towards a more spiritual and ethical stance, and a true understanding of our place in the universe

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In this book Gerald Benedict takes up a number of the major themes of The Mayan Prophecies for 2012 and explains them more fully. These themes include:

  • The Maya’s notion of Time and its relationship to their knowledge of astronomy, their concepts of synchronicity, diversity and unity, and the implications of these ideas
  • The Maya’s understanding of what it is to be human – how they understood themselves
  • The powerful relationship between prophecy and evolution

In the process of exploring these ideas the author shows how Time, Synchronicity and Prophecy relate to our lives today. The Mayan prophecies make it clear that we are both the prophecy and its fulfilment. The ‘end of time’ calendars pointing to the Winter equinox of 2012 underwrite the urgency of the message: if we are to solve our many ecological and demographic problems, and if our civilisation is to survive, we must become what we were intended to be.

The abiding message of the Mayans is that we must find, understand and embrace our place in the universe as individuals and as members of a community. We need to identify and build upon what we have in common to counter the existing problems of diversity and difference, and we must recognise and respect our spiritual evolution — so that we can grow and fulfil our true potential.

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