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The Mindfulness Breakthrough


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With Foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn


Mindfulness: The Revolutionary Approach to Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The first fully illustrated guide to a clinically proven, holistic approach to beating stress-related problems and restoring balance and well-being.

‘This book has so much potential to help people and contribute to the flowering of greater well-being and sanity on this planet.’ Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of Full Catastrophe Living and Coming to Our Senses

Mindfulness has emerged as one of the most important therapeutic practices available today, used in the treatment of depression, anxiety and many other common problems. Inspired by Eastern meditative practices, mindfulness is a simple yet powerful approach that aims to help you become fully engaged in the present moment, and in the process overcome negative thoughts and feelings. It is recommended by doctors and psychologists as a gentle, practical and highly effective treatment option, and in 2010 the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommended mindfulness as the treatment of choice for recurrent depressive illness.

This book explains how to practise mindfulness, using illustrated step-by-step exercises to help the reader understand key techniques such as breathing, relaxation, body scanning and concentration building. It also includes chapters on using mindfulness to self-treat such specific problems as depression, stress and anxiety, and relationship issues.

Written by a team of practising therapists led by Sarah Silverton, The Mindfulness Breakthrough explains how to open our awareness so that we can relate to our experiences with a compassionate, non-judgmental attitude. As we progress through each chapter, we learn how to become aware of unhelpful automatic reactions to our emotions, feelings and experiences. Rather than ‘reacting’ to life as we always have, mindfulness shows us how to observe our experience and as a result behave in a way that is gentler, wiser and more positive.

Practical, accessible and featuring illustrated exercises to help the reader fully understand and adopt the mindfulness approach, this book truly is a breakthrough: the most friendly and engaging title available on the subject; and one which, like a trusted therapist, guides you through your problems and questions, anticipating your needs with kindness and compassion.

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