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The Miracle of Olive Oil


A marvellous practical guide to unlocking the secrets of olive oil, showing how to use it for health, well-being, beauty and cooking – learn why this well-loved ‘liquid gold’ is such an important part of the life-prolonging ‘Mediterranean Diet’

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The Miracle of Olive Oil is a compact yet comprehensive and authoritative guide to olive oil, with helpful information on every possible way to use this wonderful product of nature – not only in cooking but also for health and beauty.

The book begins by taking a look at the long heritage of olive growing, the processing of olives and the ways in which this beautiful oil is extracted from the pulp and stones. Then follows a detailed and up-to-date clarification of the new system of classifying and labelling, introduced in 2010 by the International Olive Council in Madrid (and followed by the US Department of Agriculture). In particular, this section highlights the vital differences between oils labelled ‘extra virgin’, ‘virgin’, ‘ordinary virgin’, ‘lampante’, ‘refined’, simple ‘olive oil’, and the three types of pomace oil.

The next section, on health, offers an account of the nutrients and other health-giving properties of olive oil, including an easy-to-understand guide that details how the oil’s fatty acids aid the body’s balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol. The A–Z of ailments explains how olive oil can help with 42 common conditions and illnesses, describes some of the research backing each claim, and advises how to use olive oil in the treatment of each condition.

There is also a section on beauty – including using olive oil to enhance hair, nails and skin.

Finally, the book concludes with cookery, in a collection of 32 wonderful recipes containing olive oil.

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