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The Miracle of Spices


Harness the healing, cleaning and beautifying power of spices with this pocket-sized compendium of tips, techniques and recipes from Dr Penny Stanway.



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The Miracles of Spices is a comprehensive guide that offers a wealth of information and ingenious practical tips on the many health, beauty and culinary benefits to be gained from using spices. The book discusses whether spices are miracle medicines, valuable natural remedies or just a useful part of a healthy diet.

It opens with a short history of spices, their popularity around the world over the millennia and their value to world trade. The first chapter outlines the sources, names, contents, aroma, flavour and culinary uses of the 50 most used spices. The rest of the book addresses topics such as the best ways to buy, choose, store and use spices, how to help to prevent and treat common ailments with spices and how to make use of them for caring for yourself and your home. Finally, there’s a substantial selection of some of the most delicious spice-containing recipes to inspire and delight.

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