The New Materia Medica Volume 2


The best new fundamental homoeopathic remedies with invaluable esoteric information on the connection between the remedies and the chakras

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Author: Colin Griffith
ISBN: 9781780280226.

The New Materia Medica Volume II is a sourcebook of information on 30 new crystal, botanical and animal remedies now in use by practitioners of the Guild of Homoeopaths, who proved them through the practice of meditation. These remedies, which have quickly established a reputation for remarkable success, are extraordinary for their depth of action, reaching far into the patient’s psyche and history.

The entry on each remedy gives a description of the original substance, plant or animal in its natural state and an outline of its history, including medicinal uses, and traditional applications of the plants and crystal essence remedies where applicable. It also provides an esoteric explanation of the remedies’ affinities for the chakras and the associated glands and organs plus a description of the general symptoms of each remedy and detailed descriptions of the mental, emotional and physical symptoms that affect individual parts of the body. It includes summarised case notes to show clinical evidence of efficacy and to illustrate the day-to-day use of each remedy; and a list of related remedies to show affinities, comparisons and relationships.

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Book Title

The New Materia Medica Volume 2: Further key remedies for the future of Homoeopathy

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Colin Griffith




576 pages


234 x 153mm

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