The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity


For all those interested in mental wellness as well as mental health practitioners, this book makes the strongest case yet that synchronicity and other forms of intuitive insight promote wellbeing and help us transform mental health issues into personal growth.

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A profound introduction to deep concepts of mind, meaning and the challenges of creating a life well lived for everyone”  Ernest Rossi, PhD, author of The Psychobiology of Gene Expression and Creating Consciousness

Synchronicity is meaningful coincidence that connects our inner and outer worlds. This book reveals how it can guide us along our life path, helping us through challenging times and nudging us toward self-fulfilment.

Psychologist Chris Mackey writes from personal experience, not only as a practitioner but also as a patient who has suffered serious mental illness. Formerly a rationalist with little time for non-scientific approaches, his own experiences and those of his patients have convinced him that synchronicity has a key role to play in helping us to tap into our intuitive and spiritual selves and guiding us through life.

This exciting new approach to synchronicity and the treatment of depression and other mental disorders will be of great interest to practitioners and patients alike, as well as to anyone interested in the opportunities offered by altered states of consciousness.

The book includes:

• Carl Jung’s original description of synchronicity

• Real-life case studies

• Brain science

• Practical ways to work with synchronicity, including journalling, symbol analysis and dream interpretation.

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