The Power of Peace in You


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A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing and Happiness

Discover a revolutionary tool for Hope, Healing, and Happiness in the 21st century that has transformed thousands of people’s lives globally

In this important and life-altering book, visionary pioneer, Marlise Karlin takes you on a journey that leads to the heart of your soul. This experiential guidebook conveys how we all can access profound levels of inner peace and infinite intelligence to fully realize an empowered life.

In this inspiring and informative book, you will discover how to ignite an Energy stream of peace into every day and learn how to access clarity, equanimity, wisdom, and calm, even in the midst of daily stresses and anxieties.

Every story crystalizes a greater understanding of the courage, compassion and creativity that exists within each person when they connect with their innate potential.  Similar to a hero’s journey the reader is guided through the process, step by step with Practices to immediately initiate in their own life.

The Simplicity of Stillness Method integrates the profound into the practical and includes three essential elements:

  •  Stillness Sessions are a new form of meditation, infused with (the profound) Energy of peace. Simply listening to the words and music ignites a journey of greater awareness.
  • The Three Breath Awareness is a reconnection tool for accessing this state of peace and inspiration in moments.
  • Power of Peace Practices (the practical) are processes for integrating infinite intelligence into daily life.

The Power of Peace in You can change how you see and do just about everything, inspiring an extraordinary and optimistic future that begins with you.

Praise for The Power of Peace in You

After reading only the first three chapters of The Power of Peace in You, I have made a profound shift in myself already. Anyone, who is sincere about discovering and uncovering their true nature, can only benefit from engaging with the words and practices in this book. What an opportunity for growth! This book is profound and powerful’ – Tarlach O’Maolain, Ireland

‘It was like being able to breath again… Each new awareness offered me a lens through which to see the world where problems became adventures to be dealt with in new ways’ – Wade Davis, author of One River

‘After reading only a portion of the book, and listening to the Stillness Session, I had some amazing breakthroughs. I literally saw some old parts of myself/patterns dissolving. I am grateful to be finding my SELF, my strength, my voice…with confidence and grace. It was a beautiful and powerful experience.’ – Kristen Hundley, U.S.A.

The Power of Peace in You is unlike any book I have read; it offers easy, accessible techniques that I use daily.’ – James Egan, Award-Winning Producer, Angels in the Dust, Kimjongilia

‘I feel moved to mention that a course with Marlise, in particular, generated amazing results in my life. Her instruction enabled me to open my heart up as never before.’ – Robert Radcliffe, Author of 180 Degrees

About Marlise Karlin

Marlise Karlin is a transcendent teacher, humanitarian and author, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. From teen runaway to award winning producer, Marlise’s journey through a web of challenges and successes, lead to a profound sequence of events that shifted her perception of life and what is possible for humankind in the 21st century. Years of study and expertise led to the development of the groundbreaking Simplicity of Stillness Method that has transformed people’s lives globally.

Identified by SheKnows.com as an ‘inner-peace expert’, Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, spoken at Cesar Milan Events to ignite an intention of peace, is a contributor to The Huffington Post and Malika Chopra’s Intent.com.

Marlise teaches The SOS Method at workshops and retreats worldwide and via her website.

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