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The Watkins Dictionary of Saints


This accessible collection of stories is the ultimate guide to the lives of the saints for all people of faith and would-be pilgrims across the world

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Now more than ever, the lives of the saints deserve to be known, and this introduction to the heroes of the Christian faith will prove an inspiration to people of faith across the world. This is an accessible introduction to the lives of the saints of the Christian Church, from Ireland’s seventh-century St Abban to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, cross-referenced to give a more complete picture of their interconnection. This book is different from the dry, scholarly works which place emphasis on establishing as accurately as possible the dates, places and events in the lives of the saints and to clearly identify elements that appear to be of a fanciful nature. Its short narrative accounts of the lives of the saints emphasize the powerful elements of story rather than attempting to weigh historical accuracy. Even if every event described may not be easily verifiable, the stories have value in their own right as illustrations of how the lives of remarkable individuals have resonated in the community of faith.

The book includes information on feast days, patron saints, symbols and heresies and will be a handy reference for travellers on pilgrimage to holy sites.

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