The Wisdom of Trees Oracle


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Oracle Cards for Wisdom and Guidance

Reconnect with the natural world and discover your true sense of self with this beautifully illustrated card deck and guidebook celebrating the inherent wisdom and spirituality of trees.

For thousands of years cultures around the world have celebrated and honoured the importance of trees in every aspect of life – they have provided shelter, food, fuel and medicine but have also been of profound significance in developing our sense of connection to the natural world. Trees have been seen as guardians, as wise and enduring spiritual entities that can teach us much about ourselves and our role in the world, if only we will listen to them.

This oracle accesses the wisdom of trees, helping us to tap into the insights they can provide. The card deck is structured into four suits: Root, focusing on trees that can help us to become grounded and aware in the present moment; Trunk, highlighting trees that can help us to heal and grow; Leaf, looking at trees that can enhance our knowledge and awareness; and Flower, Fruit, and Seed, exploring trees that can help us to manifest our power in the world.

Each card features a beautiful illustration of the tree, while the accompanying book provides a detailed guide to its significance and associations, and explains how to interpret the card you have drawn in both upright and inverse positions. A beautiful fold-out tree ‘map’ gives you a template on which to place cards from each suit in position for specialised readings and layouts.

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