The Power of Relaxation


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The Power of Relaxation describes Yogi Ashokananda’s unique, down‐to‐earth approach to meditation and relaxation – one with strong connections to ancient Indian traditions but also fully adapted to the demands of modern Western living. Using evidence from medical and scientific research as well as the ancient wisdom of tantra, Yogi explains the importance of relaxation in accessing the energy hidden within our body and ultimately in finding our true self. Yogi’s method starts by focusing on the body, rather than on the mind, as the centre of meditation, as his emphasis is on embracing both our human side and our higher self. Challenging the body physically and focusing attention on the lower chakras allows us to bridge the gap between our material and spiritual selves, to heal any conflicts arising from living in today’s society and to explore all aspects of our personality. The link between the body and the emotions is scientifically well‐established, and the exchange and union between the body and mind that takes place in Yogi’s meditations is particularly effective for relaxation. By using breath control and simple arm movements to channel and direct energy flow, Yogi also demonstrates how to create perfect balance in the body and rid it of samskaras, our emotional scars, which can make us lethargic,
depressed and anxious. Yogi’s many clients have reported a range of benefits from his techniques: improved physical health, of the digestive system for example; increased self‐awareness, vitality, clarity, calm, balance and harmony; and a sense of emotional and spiritual renewal and personal transformation.

About Yogi
Born in India and now based in London, Yogi Ashokananda is highly regarded in his field as a true yoga expert and meditation master. He is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and teaches on their teacher‐training programmes. Yogi has a strong following and his workshops are always sold out.

He teaches regular classes at Triyoga and Alchemy in London and runs retreats around the world including in India, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France and Sri Lanka.He attends all the main yoga events, including The Yoga Show, the Mind Body Spirit Festival and Quest Festival. The first of his three DVDs, Power Yoga: finding your inner and outer power, is available in the UK and will soon be released in the USA.